The Newfoundland Club Inc, New Zealand


Annual General Meeting

Club President's Message

The Annual General Meeting of The Newfoundland Club will be held on:

Sunday, 10 November 2019, at 2pm


Neil & Aynsley's home in Hamilton (new address - contact Neil for details)

Members can join using Skype (contact Neil for details).

Again somewhat later than the usual months of August/September. Because of other commitments of your committee and the experience of recent years, we would not have been able to achieve a quorum before the date chosen for this year.

Members unable to travel to Hamilton are able to participate via Skype - please contact me if you plan to do this or need further information.

The agenda for this meeting will follow that of last year's meeting: 2018 AGM minutes - docx format | PDF format

Nominations for the coming year's Management Committee and any remits for the meeting should be in my hands by 1 November. Nomination forms are are available on the Club website or directly from myself at the address indicated below.

Hope you can make it and stay on for a BBQ and social chat afterwards.

Neil Clarke, Secretary
Phone:  (07) 843 7464

Message from your Club President

Dear Club members,

Many of you will be aware that in recent years the club has been in a state of decline in term of both membership and subsequently activities such as Carting and Water events as well as shows. We currently find ourselves in unchartered waters in terms of running the club and most times we have difficulty in choosing meeting dates that will ensure we have a quorum.

Now that it is time to hold our Annual General meeting for 2019, I am asking everyone in the club to have a serious think about where we go in the future. For the club to survive we need people to come forward and get a little more involved. This could simply be in the form of sending some activity suggestions or helping to plan an event through to joining the committee. This does not need to be a massive commitment as we all lead busy lives nowadays.

If you think you may be able to help in any way or would like to know a little more before committing to anything please feel free to either ring, text or email me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Kind Regards
Owen Shrubb