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Longevity Certificates

When your Newfie turns 10 years old, it qualifies for a Longevity Certificate (provided you are a financial Club member at the time).

They look like image at the right, but are full A4-sized and laminated.

The photo will be of your dog of course, not Clara, but you will need to send us a suitable photo unless you want a certificate without one.

Also we probably don't know the pedigree name of your dog, so please let us know what that is if you want it included, as well as your dog's date of birth.

The back of Clara's certificate has the words:

Longevity Certificate
Clara: 16 February 1996 - 28 May 2008

Many people have elected to add a few words, sentences or even paragraphs to record some highlights of their dog's life or anything else they feel relevant to the achievement of the 10 year milestone. If you want anything like that included please add it to the other stuff you send.

Send it all to and we'll get the certificate to you as soon as we can.

Sample Longevity Certificate.
Sample Longevity Certificate