The Newfoundland Club Inc, New Zealand


Leo Gala 2019

The Leonberger Club is having a Gala day in March, and other giant breeds are welcome to take part as well.

On Sunday, March 17th you're invited to our Leo Gala!

RDA Arena, 8 Alpha St, Cambridge -- 10am-3pm

'Gala' seemed the perfect name for our dogs day out.
It's not the usual dog show or ribbon parade.
We wanted to try something a little different.

Our Leo Gala is planned as a great outing for the whole family, and we're hoping you'll bring your dog along to challenge us in the funky games and races that we've got lined up.

We've sorted some challenges and games for the entire family - including the dog - and we thought it would be much more fun if other giant breeds participated and tried to beat the pants off us. There's nothing quite like a little competition!

Cost:  Challenge entries will be $10 per family

And no Gala is complete without some good old favourites . . .

Pencil this event in your diary - we hope to see you there!