The Newfoundland Club Inc, New Zealand

What to do about Auckland Branch!

There has been much discussion and debate over the last year about the decline in membership numbers and poor attendance at many of our Club events. Members have been asked to contact Committee members and to let them know what you actually want from your Club. Unfortunately there has been little direct response to this. Breeders also have recently been contacted and surveyed about their views on Championship Shows, and asked to make suggestions as to what the Club can do for them, the feedback from this survey was more positive.

Due to historical issues Auckland Branch has particular problems. While Auckland still has the largest membership, it has been unable to interest enough committed members to form a Committee to run events in the area. This has meant that Midlanz Branch have held events in South Auckland which are within reach of members from both branches. This is not always the best option, and even with both branches combining participation is often poor. Is it the sort of events offered or the way they are advertised / organised?

The Committee would like your input with suggestions of where you want the branches to go. What activities are you interested in? What help and support would you like from the Club? What do you think could make your life with your special Newfoundland even more rewarding? Also perhaps you can spare a little time to work with other Newfie owners to help organise these activities?

In the past we have offered many activities including; obedience classes, match days with other breeds, ribbon parades, water & carting trials, walks, training days, grooming advice, charity carting at galas, childrenís parties etc., carting rallies, social events (sometimes minus dogs), picnics, video evenings (water, carting, obedience etc), health checks, Championship Shows including veteran & rehouse parades and moreÖ... Often by attending one of these you can meet new people and find new fun things to do with your dog.

If you donít want your Club to die, if you can see the positives for both you and your dog in belonging to the Club and participating in activities ... PLEASE contact a Committee member with suggestions, or just watch that calendar and turn up at an event. Auckland Branch in particular needs your support. Itís the best way of getting the Branch to put on the sort of events that best suit you!

The Club seeks your feedback. Please feel free to use the email links below:

Debbie Longville